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Energy Saving
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Renewable Energy
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Personalised Energy Saving Reports

Efficiency Analysis

Is your energy usage as efficient and cost effective as it could be?!

Time & Costing calculation

Are there other alternatives that may prove cheaper more beneficial in the long run?!

Energy Management

We are not salespeople, nor are we product bias. We believe in quality customer service, which includes providing options and advice on the most cost effective way to manage your energy usage for now and into the future.

Current Usage Evaluation

For as little as $25.00 we can come into your home and do a full evaluation of your appliances, types of heating and cooling, Hot Water system, Off peak times, potential for solar generation, etc. We also give free safety advice and a condition report on your main switchboard, service mains and point of attachment. We will provide you with expert advice that suits your needs and not the needs of a salesperson.


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